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Want to get involved? Take a look at some of the project offerings we provide on our missions. We would appreciate any contributions. Your support will help us be more effective as we travel abroad to serve.

Shoes for Kids

We participate in the collection and distribution of lightly used tennis shoes for local and overseas outreach initiatives. Many children of Uganda, but also throughout the world have no shoes and are easily injured. Don’t throw out your lightly used sneakers; give them to some needy feet.  

Pillow Hugs of Love

Inspired Purpose loves this part of its ministry. We have the honor of giving beautiful teddy bear pillows to the children we serve. So many children don’t have pillows, beds or hugs so our teddy bear ministry supplies them with every bit of the love we have for each one of them. We thank Bea Wardlaw and her kind fellow servants for their generous donations that allow this awesome personalized ministry to continue.

Education & Mentoring

Inspired Purpose believes that to break the chain of disease and lack of access to care, information and education are essential. Dr. Wendi mentors students from our local schools to distant shores from elementary school to postgraduate. She accompanies and mentors graduate medical/dental students on missionary trips with passion. Inspired Purpose believes in spreading the love of God through action and education. “Life is easier when you learn how to follow a road before you have to pave one” -Dr. Wendi Wardlaw. From local food shelters to overseas missionary outreach, Inspired Purpose encourages the next generation of servants.

Dental/Medical Missions

Dentistry Ministries is a branch of the multi-tiered tree of service and outreach that is, Inspired Purpose Dr. Wendi and her mission team travel throughout the world providing access for emergency dental care. The #1 change people communicate after having an infected tooth removed is “no more chest pain”. Oral disease has been linked to many deadly systemic diseases throughout the body like heart disease, strokes, low birthweight babies, diabetes, pneumonia and the list of cancers grow every day. With this research and clinical based evidence, it is clear that dental health is essential for overall wellness. Dr. Wendi and her team support these missions with dedicated workers, medications, dental supplies, medical equipment and donations. Treatment is provided in schools, orphanages, highways, byways and alleys. We treat the ”Who so ever will come”. Dr. Wendi acknowledges and credits her 10year military dental field experience with the specialty training needed for dental mission environments. She believes “A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy You” and chooses to answer the call God has given her to serve the underserved with her gifts and talents.

Community Service

​Inspired Purpose believes “you can’t be a blessing abroad if you can’t be a blessing at home.” You can find Dr. Wendi periodically in local schools and at free dental initiatives donating her time, expertise and passions. Inspired Purpose and Stoneybrook Dental contributes to free dental days in Orlando serving with extractions, fillings and cleanings. Dr. Wendi is also a dental correspondent on the syndicated Liz Black Show, 6 days week heard both nationally and internationally as DrWendiDDS, “A Healthy is a Healthy You”. Inspired Purpose responds to the needs of the day, therefore we are scheduled Dec 2016 and Jan 2017 to travel for relief missions in Haiti hit by Hurricane Matthew. Inspired Purpose is also scheduled for orphanages and birthing centers in both Uganda and Ghana in 2017. God can and will do amazing work through us as vessels if we allow ourselves to be used; we choose to answer the call.

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