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Inspired Purpose started as Dentistry Ministries serving in dental missions. In 2011 our mission was expanded to Inspired Purpose. With this change, we have added Medical, eyes, shoes and teddy bear hugs. God called Inspired Purpose to grow, expand and serve. We happily answer this call! 

Follow the journey, Join the Journey and serve in the Journey!!

Global Missions


We align ourselves with other outreach ministries to achieve a more impactful positive change. We support non-profits and non-governmental organizations; NGO’s across the world with medical/dental treatment and supplies, medications, shoes/clothes, teddybear pillows, mentoring and education. When God calls we choose to answer the call.

A U.S. Army Veteran, Dr. Wendi Wardlaw enlisted in the Army Dental Corps as a private E-1. It was here she discovered her passion for service and did so throughout her 10 year Army career. She then had this passion nurtured and developed at Howard University College of Dentistry. While at Howard and Columbia Universities she trained, and grew this passion with a focus in practice and research on accessing the under-served for emergency treatment and care.


She feels that she is called to help those with the greatest need amongst us and chooses to answer this call.

"Working a Ministry in Dentistry"

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Dr. Wendi's Desk 

“For me, dentistry is my gift to give and as with any true calling, intended to be a ministry. 

The question that remains for our society is, ’Who will answer their call?”

Dr. Wendi teaches “An infection in your mouth is an infection in your head. An infection in your mouth will travel to either up, your brain or down, your heart. Research has shown that both heart disease and strokes have links to oral disease along with low birth weight babies, diabetes, pulmonary pneumonia and many cancers. We believe education and information decrease fear and disease. Oral health doesn’t stop with teeth; you can’t be healthy without a healthy head so schedule your dental checkup today. Your health depends on it.” Dr. Wendi and her team joyfully serve their calling with action to reach the underserved locally and abroad.

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