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Woman of the Year! Orlando Style Magazine

Let me begin by saying to God be ALL the glory!!! I am so honored to be selected once again as the featured dentist in the Orlando Style Magazine Elite Doctors of 2016. I know that the "Elite" that is seen can only be my awesome God!!! I'm truly grateful to feature Inspired Purpose, Inc, the God centered, non profit I founded years ago and serve through today. We all have an Inspired Purpose, a gifting, a service that drips with favor when we do it and would do it for free if we could. This is your Inspired Purpose...Do it...God promises to bless you for it. Do it with integrity and character. Do it with love and do it to add value to someone else. See an Inspired Purpose is not about's for someone else and this is where your blessings live. :) Multiplied Blessings my FB family!!!!

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